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OverviewThe Nories Oval Head jig is one of my favorite football jigs. The small compact presentation the jig has is hard for any bass to turn now. the skirt is almost a hybrid between a regular football jig skirt and a spider jig skirt as the skirt flares out at the jig head. Despite being a compact presentation the skirt material flares out in the water so it gives a bulkier small profile. The reason it is called “oval head” is solely based on the shape of the head. The bottom of the jig head is perfectly flat. I believe this is why it is...

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Overview Not very often you come across a lure with the amount of realistic and action as the imakatsu Javalon gill. These new baits have recently hit the US market and I got a good chance to test and experiment this bluegill style swimbait. Inside the javalon gill is a weight balance foam insert that makes the lure swim true every single cast. If the foam insert falls out and is missing which has happened to me, you can insert a nail weight at the belly of the bait which will make the lure also swim true always.  The Javallon...

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Spend a day out on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Seemed to be a very slow day so I decided to pick up a big bait. My swimbait of choice for that day was Gan Craft Jointed Claw 230. This swimbait has a very nice action on a straight retrieve. I prefer tweaked the bait action by a twitch-twitch pause action. This way if a bass is following the bait no matter which side he is coming from he has a chance to see the bait glide out towards him by including that extra twitch. The drawing power of the Jointed...

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