MegaBass Vision ONETEN R Series

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 MegaBass Vision ONETEN R Series

Length: 110mm

Weight: 1/2oz

Type: Slow Floating

Model Depth
R 1.7m (5-6')
R+1 2.2m (6-7')
R+2 3m (9-10')
R+3 4m (12-13')


The ONETEN R was developed by Yuki Ito and Shinji Sato (jerkbait expert). The objective of the ONETEN R was to maintain the DNA of the ONETEN, and fine-tune for domination on Lake Biwa in both straight retrieve and traditional jerkbait applications. 

1. ONETEN R retains the sharp, darting action of the original ONETEN, but comes with refined tighter pitch that will get the attention of even the most cautious bass.

2. Moving balancer system now features one tungsten weight instead of two. By combining the weights into one main weight, it increases the casting power and flight distance.

3. By switching between the ONETEN R, R+1, R+2 and R+3, you can adjust precisely to the appropriate swimming depth.