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This is a test site for special sale and clearance items which are "DAMAGED", "DISCONTINUED", "OVERSTOCKED", etc. We'll be improving this section as we learn more how to better handle these items. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement, please be so kind to let us know. 



Due to increase in international shipments, "rough handling" of package is more common than we hope. Basically, every shipment we receive from Japan may have some damaged items in them.


Sample cases of Damages:

1. Package is cracked - due to rough handling 

2. Package is completely broken - package dropped ?

3. Oil leak - happens all the time with many soft plastic products

4. Used for field test - minor scratch on the product

5. Discontinued & Overstocked items are also added to the list



1. This section is private (closed for public). Only email members receive the direct access URL. Due to small availability, please do not share this information with people outside of email members.

2. We will update this section as new supply become available. It all depends on shipping schedule. So please check back with us often.

3. No preorder or reservation is allowed in this section

4. Damaged products are examined by our buyers & only the ones that passed our inspection will go up the site.

5. Special prices are determined by specific condition of each product & will vary by item, color, even same item in different condition.

6. Due to limited capacity on our website, we can only use one photo and short sentence to describe the condition. So, please use your best judgement.