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Overview The Imakatsu Bushido is a versatile craw style soft plastic lure. The lure comes in two sizes, 3 inches and 4 inches. The 3-inch model is great when the fish are on smaller bait. It is a very compact and a perfect choice. Even though it is a smaller profile this lure has a ton of action. The four-inch size is better when you want more vibration and movement in the water. The claws have such an erratic action. The plastic is a very soft material which make the claws move with the slightest movement. This is great when...

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Overview The Imakatsu Runvolt 120v is a shallow diving crankbait that could be a secret weapon in your cranking arsenal. The runvolt is a smaller profile that could pack a large punch. This crankbait has a very tight side to side wobble with not too much roll. The body shape is like a fatter shad style body. This style creates a hybrid between the tight shad style action to a big wide wobble that a square bill has. The bill on this crankbait is almost shaped like a spoon. This style of bill is a great style for any speed...

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