Ecogear SX40

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Shad style lure designed with the best quality components. All the SX lures are built with a great shad body for tight shimmy action, and weighted for slow floating buoyancy in saltwater. A highly versatile range, it can be used to catch a huge range of predator fish. ECOGEAR's exhaustive shad line-up allows the angler to adapt to any fishing situation.


The new SX 40LC (Long Cast) builds upon the reputation of the ever popular and highly successful SX 40F. Built with an elaborate weight transfer system, the "long-cast" has been designed to cover vast areas and fish depths that were previously impossible. ECOGEAR’s new shad line-up is clearly a must have for any serious angler.

  Length (mm) Weight (g) Depth (m)
SX 40F 40mm 2.5g 1.0m
SX 40LC 40mm 2.6g 1.3m


Type: Floating