Ecogear VX

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The VX series has started a phenomenon in the tournament scene, The VX represents the ultimate balance of size and weight in a metal alloy blade lure. The detailed design and craftsmanship make the VX vibrate with the smallest rod movements, to attract and stimulate bites. The VX has proven itself on the Australian tournament scene and is considered essential gear by many pro anglers.

2 Anchor Points
VX series metal vibration lures all have two split ring positions that affect the way the lure vibrates and swims on retrieve. The front position gives the best vibration on flat retrieves, and is great for when casting out far and searching for fish over large areas. The rear position gives the lure a strong vibration when retrieving on the vertical and targeting deeper fish.

Jigging in Deep Water
The extra weight in the new larger 45 mm and 50 mm VX lures make them great for vertical jigging. Big enough to hold their own against larger fish, the extra weight also stops them from being pulled around by tidal currents getting you into your target range faster and easier. Not to be outdone though, the little VX 35 and VX 40 can also be used in jigging and dragged in deep water with ultra light tackle when targeting bottom predators.


  Length (mm) Weight (g) Depth
VX-35 35mm 3.5g Sinking
VX-40 40mm 5.0g Sinking
VX-45 45mm 8.0g Sinking