MC Squared

MC Squared Ceramic Ball Bearing

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Material: Ceramic

Quantity per pack: 2 pcs

MC Squared uses triple polished ceramic balls with the world’s highest polishing technology. The lightness of the initial movement has increased dramatically, and you won’t get tired even if you cast for a long time. It is ideal for all styles, but we recommend it to those who are good at fine pitching. It is a bearing that can expand the casting area so that it can reach places that could not be reached before.  

 Compatible Models:

740-740: Handle Knobs


<Abu> Ambassador 4500C, 4600C, 5000C, 5600C, 6000C, 6500C, 6600C 

<Shimano> 22 SLX DC XT, 20 SLX DC, 19 SLX MGL, 20 Exsence DC SS, 18 Aldebaran MGL, 15 Aldebaran, 09 Aldebaran Mg, 21 Antares, 12 Antares, Antares AR, Antares DC, 15 Metanium DC, 13 Metanium, 07 Metanium Mg / MgDC, 05 Metanium XT, 21 Scorpion DC, 19 Scorpion MGL, 17 Scorpion DC, 17 Chronarch MGL, 22 Curado DC, 15 Curado, 19-20 Calcutta Conquest DC, 14-15 Calcutta Conquest 

<Daiwa> 21 Zillion SV TW, 20 Zillion10 SV TW, Zillion TW HLC 1516, Zillion TW HLC 1514, Zillion SV TW, SS SV, 22 Steez A II TW, 21 Steez A TW HLC, 21-22 Steez LTD SV TW, 2- Steez Air TW, Steez SV TW, Steez LTD SV TN, Steez LTD SV


<Abu> Black Max, Silver Max, Pro Max, ZENON, Revo 2020 (LX992, Beast X, Ultracast BF8, Deez8, EXD, IKE), Revo 2018-2019 (Black 10, Rocket, Beast, BigShooter Compact 8/7, Elite 7/6 IB, Elite8 IVCB, X, Winch, SX), 2018 Roxani (PowerShooter, BF8, 7/8), Revo 2017 (LC6, IV7, LT7), Revo 2016 (LTX-BF8, SLC-IB 7/8, ALC-BF7, ALC-IB 6/7), 2013 Revo models, Revo LTX series 

<Shimano> 21 Scorpion MD, 22 Metanium, 20 Metanium, 16 Metanium MGL, 22 Bantam, 19 Antares, 18 Antares DC / MD / XG, 16 Antaresu DC, 17 Exsence DC, 21 Calcutta Conquest, 15-18 Calcutta Conquest

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<Abu> Revo Big Shooter, Salty Stage Revo LJ-1 /LJ-3, Ambassador 1500C, 1600C, 2500C, 2600C, 3500C