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Gan Craft Bariki Shad

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Length                      3.8"  4.8" 5.8" 6.8"
Qty per pack           5 pcs 4 pcs 3 pcs 2 pcs
Weight                 7.5g (1/4oz)     18g (5/8oz) 27g (1 oz)

      42g (2-1/4oz)

Recommended Hook   #2/0 #5/0 #5/0 #8/0 - 10/0



BARIKI stands for "Horse Power" in Japanese. That's exactly what Bariki Shad is designed to provide. Bariki Shad comes with powerful configurable tail. Out of package, powerful tail kicks water and creates strong vibration. There is a nail sinker hole on the tail, which by adding weight, angler can amplify its action. Also, by inserting rattler (instead of sinker), angler can generate larger sound. BarikiShad can be fine tuned based on condition of Bass & field which can achieve better result.