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Jointed Claw SHIFT 183

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  • Length: 182mm
  • Weight: 2.5oz
  • Type: Floating
  • Hooks:
    • Front: #1
    • Rear: #2
  • Jointed Claw SHIFT is a new model of the Jointed Claw series. This is made with the new three Joint systems called "Rom damper". The second part of the joint system is connected with an elastomer material. SHIFT swims in S-Swimming like normal Jointed Claw while slow retrieving. Unlike normal Jointed Claw, SHIFT can swim while fat retrieving. Normal Jointed Claw is not adapted to fast swimming. It loses the swimming poster. SHIFT is adapted to a wider range of retrieving speeds which allow anglers to use more techniques with different retrieve speeds.
  • These are special colors only for GAN CRAFT web members in Japan. The series is called the life of Ayu fish. Five colors that represent the seasonal body color change of Ayu are released in each season. The first color is Hiuo which is the early stage of juvenile Ayu with clear body color.

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