Decoy L-12 Multi Sinker Lock

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  • Concept:
    This is a quick change sinker lock. By using round eye drop shot sinker such as Decoy DS-6 & matching size lock, you can now enjoy Texas rig, Zero-dan (leaderless drop shot), Free rig and Carolina rig without cutting the line. All you need to do is to move the position of the lock.This is an easier and more effective approach to rig changing. Save more time on rigging on the water means more time fishing. 
  • Quantity per pack: 18
  • Size
Size Outer
Matching Sinker
(Decoy DS-6)
0.8mm 4 - 12 lb 1.8 - 2.5g
M 1.0mm 8 - 16 lb 3.5 - 7g
L 1.2mm 12 - 30 lb 9 - 11g