Nories TG Jaka Blade

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Length    Weight  Type

- 57mm     12g     Sinking

- 63mm     16g     Sinking



Metal vibration bait versatile enough to be used in shallow or deep water, designed with a thin blade for a unique vibration in the water. TG JAKA BLADE adds spin blades for a strong flashing effect and metallic sound. The unique design gives a tight vibration even on the shortest of strokes, for better action on dead slow retrieves than other metal vibration lures. Also the blades add a flashing effect as well as a metallic sound when the blades hit the body for a strong appeal not normally found in lures of this size. The blades also assist the body to recover quickly after bumping into structure. Designed so the line rarely tangles with the blades and hooks, it can be used with a wide range of retrieve techniques. Made with two tow points generally the lure is used with the front toe point, however when the water is muddy or you are fishing dead slow in deep water the rear tow point is very effective. A NORIES design, this lure appeals in a manner different from any other lure to attract and appeal to big bass.

TG JAKA BLADE is made with environmentally friendly tungsten resin.