ZPI BOUSEI SiC Ball Bearing

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Material: Ceramic

BOUSEI means corrosion-proof in Japanese. Using the ceramic ball, BOUSEI SiC Ball Bearing is not only extremely lighter but also stiffer and slicker compared to the traditional bearings made with steel. By decreasing the friction of bearing, you will be able to shorten the time for the spin to get its peak, which is likely to bring you the higher speed in spinning. This leads to an increase in initial lure velocities and improved casting distance.

We have improved the corrosion prevention level by 200% compared to our former model in order to increase the basic performance of the SiCBB.

*Lubrication with oil is absolutely imperative in order to sustain with the instantaneous extreme high spinning speed. Please use our F-Zero products in order to keep the best spinning performance and please do not use it dried.


* OD: outside diameter, ID: inside diameter, W: width. All in millimeters.
* Each package comes with two bearings.

Matching reels for 1154-1034 bearings

(Bearing OD, ID, W, 1: 11mm, 5mm, 4mm, Bearing 2: 10mm, 3mm, 4mm)

DAIWA: T3, Steez, Aggrest, US Advantage, Millionaire Snake head/ Black sheep, etc.

ABU: Revo series

Matching reels for 1034-1034 bearings

(Bearing OD, ID, W, 1: 10mm, 3mm, 4mm, Bearing 2: 10mm, 3mm, 4mm)

SHIMANO: 14 Conquest, 14 Scorpion, 13 Metanium series, 12 Calcutta 100 / 101 (1154 with spool), Scorpion DC 1000 / 1001, 09 Calcutta Conquest DC200 / 201, 09 Scorpion XT 1500 / 1501, Aldebaran Mg / Mg7, Conquest 100 – 250 (including DC), Scorpion 1000 / 1001 (including Mg), Metanium XT, Antales Ver 2 / 5 / AR / DC / DC7, 12 Antales, 07 Metanium Mg / Mg7 (including DC), Axis 100 / 101, Speed Master, etc.